We are the venture capital arm of Matrixport, Asia’s largest crypto financial services platform. We forge strategic collaborations with early stage Web3 innovators, helping them build, grow and scale.

Matrixport provides one-stop crypto financial services including Cactus Custody™, Trade Execution, Lending as well as Asset Management. We service a wide spectrum of customers, from financial institutions, to hedge funds and accredited investors.


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I always believe an open and permissionless blockchain ecosystem is the bedrock of a new financial network that will benefit a large part of the world’s population. As a result, there will be hundreds of trillions of value created, stored and transferred on this new financial network.

Jihan Wu, Co-Founder & Chairman of Matrixport


Open Finance, Metaverse and Web3 infrastructures are the themes that drive our investment thesis.

The existing technological infrastructure that underpins the fabric of our society is under severe strain from the weight of its own success. These challenges include user privacy issues, a trust deficit in institutions and hefty intermediary costs.

Web3 solutions represent an immense potential to more equitably distribute the benefits of value creation across the community of creators and users, alleviating some of the underlying problems faced by society today.

The Web3 future is in its infancy. As a leader in crypto financial services, Matrixport Ventures is well positioned to unleash synergies, collaborate and support emerging projects. We are committed and thrilled to work alongside with early stage projects and organizations to build towards our common vision.